OpenScape Alarm Response

Mitigate the unexpected, handle critical events smoothly, engage response teams rapidly and communicate clearly with employees and the public with our solution

OpenScape Alarm Response can help you prevent accidents from becoming disasters by providing alarm, control, information and coordination across the company.

OpenScape Alarm Response

  • brings critical information to the right people, via multiple devices instantaneously to help them handle any situation
  • helps safeguard people in hazardous environments or situations
  • keeps everyone informed by active announcements to secure sites and buildings and by providing dial-in information for employees and the public

Applications in Action

OpenScape Alarm Response has been serving critical institutions and industries for many years, including healthcare (nurse and patient support), manufacturing (workers in hazardous environments) and finance (rapid exchange of information). 

OpenScape Alarm Response supports:

  • Broadcasting and alerting
  • Interface to the Emergency Services
  • Personal security
  • General network-wide positioning
  • Email services for system telephones
  • Instantaneous phone conferences for Response Teams
  • Internet-controlled conferencing
  • Announcement and monitoring services
  • One number services and group calls
  • Public Information Systems
  • CSTA services for host systems

Key features:

  • Scalable: can be connected to PSTN, enterprise phone and VoIP systems, and support up to 986 alarm inputs
  • Open Interfaces: includes PSTN, enterprise analog, digital and VoIP systems, ESPA-X Alarm interfaces, Profibus-DP interfaces, EIB/Konex via LAN and DEKI interfaces, SMTP based alarms
  • Flexible: communicates over mobile and fixed telephones, pagers, PCs, and PDAs. Sends information via announcements, display text and text messages
  • Easy to use: handles user calls and conferecing, links audio sources, communicates with host systems, locates devices and offers specialist emergency call functions
  • Custom integration: integrates with plant maps and alarm systems, email systems, personal security systems and production environments