SAP Fax Gateway

SAP fax gateway employs the standardized SAP connect interface and has been certified by the company SAP AG. Within your familiar SAP R/3 user interface you also have the option of sending faxes. Message handling takes place separately in both systems within the framework of the possibilities offered by SAP connect. This means there is no full synchronization.

  • Connect to any PABX via ISDN or IP
  • Connect direct to Carrier
  • Low ongoing costs
  • Supports T.38


Many companies would like to simplify fax message traffic. Since fax devices are still often used, the desire for simplification can be well understood. The following scenario is the solution. For, in and outgoing fax messages can be directly handled by any SAP user at his/her SAP workstation. This is enabled by the integration of the Unified Messaging services of the XPR server into the SAP user interface. Since information usually only needs to be printed out for classic fax transmission via a fax device, sending fax messages directly from a PC saves time and money.

In many cases, only sending faxes from SAP R/3 is desired. The fax messages received in this case are then processed by another e-mail system, which may also be connected to the XPR server. Common company platforms such as MS Exchange or Lotus Notes are supported.